Partial Veil


Jeremy Hegge

My wife and I joined a mushroom walk out of pure curiosity. We left with an insatiable mushroom obsession after witnessing the sheer passion and knowledge that Jeremy had for these fascinating fungi. From quirky anecdotes to an insane ability to spot the most fascinating shroomies in dense scrub, I learnt more than I could ever have hoped for! There’s something so friendly and companionable about Jeremy’s walks that you feel, once you’re finished, you’ve left with new friends and new fascinations all in one.Abby W.I went on one of Jeremy’s mushroom walks not knowing really what to expect. I knew nothing at all about mushrooms, and had never really thought to learn about them to be honest! But the poster drew me in and I thought, why not? I was a bit worried it would be a weird day, or a dull one with info flying over my head… lucky for me it was neither! Jeremy is an absolute gem, a lovely guy with a head full of knowledge. I learned so much about fungi, and walked away genuinely excited to learn more. 10/10, highly recommend!!Jess H.
Having been on many fungi tours, I can say Jeremy is a distinct expert—with deep knowledge and experience that only comes from countless hours of study in the field. He was also a great bloke and we shared good laughs as we found some terrific fungi.Henry R.
It was such a pleasure going for a mushroom walk in 2023. Jeremy enthusiastically shares his knowledge and passion for fungi, making for a fantastic experience. Can't wait to go again next season!Rach M.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being on multiple mushroom walks with Jeremy, learning something new each time. The wisdom he shares and the passion he has for finding new species on the walks is magical. I highly recommend his walks for anyone who is looking to enhance their mushroom knowledge or who is a complete newbie like I was. I can’t wait for another fungi adventure with him.Juanita B.
I had a great time doing the mushroom walk lead by Jeremy. His passion for Australian fungi is inspiring and his identification skills are amazing. His friendly and easy-going manner set a great vibe for the walk. I would highly recommend it as a great experience for people with any level of interest or skill.Micah K.
I've had the pleasure of joining two of Jeremy Hegge's mushroom walks in the Yarra Valley, and each one was an absolute delight. His knowledge of Australian fungi (and introduced species) is impressive. He has a knack for explaining complex topics in a way that's both engaging and easy to understand. Jeremy’s curiosity is contagious, and I left both tours excited to learn more.Annie F.