Partial Veil


Jeremy Hegge

ABOUT THE WALKS Walks run every weekend from April to July of 2024.

Come for a walk and learn the tools that will help you to understand the puzzle of mushroom identification, the vital roles fungi play in ecosystems and dispel the many myths surrounding these fascinating organisms.

Every mushroom walk is a new experience! Due to the ephemeral nature of fungi, you can walk the same track only days apart and your experience may be radically different. Fungi are unpredictable, surprising organisms that appear in a seemingly endless diversity of forms.

The majority of mushroom tours available locally take place in pine plantations. Partial Veil offers one of the only mushroom tours that focus primarily on native fungi in native environments. Included with the walk is a custom made Partial Veil booklet with notes on common species and a basic starter guide to fungi identification and ecology to help you remember information from the walk.

Discussing how to identify Fairy Ring Champignons (Marasmius oreades)
Books Jeremy recommends for those in the southern states
Snow Fungus (Tremella fuciformis), a common species on Eucalyptus logs
Coltricia identification on Boonwurrung country
Crown-tipped coral (Artomyces austropiperatus) on a small branch
Hypholoma sp. on Boonwurrung country